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SpiderBase SpiderBase
The Spiderboard Baseboard is a unique baseboard, designed to host the Spiderboard SoM / MX10 SoM based on Intel PSG (former Altera®) MAX® 10 FPGAs. Features: simple baseboard in 2 layer design compatibility to the Spiderboard SoM as well...
From €31.00 *
QSBase1 QSBase1
QSMP-1570 Computer on Module on QSBase1 Linux is pre-installed and ready for application development. Other features include: 2-layer PCB QSCOM module: QSMP/157C/512S/4GF/E85 Gb Ethernet RGB Display Connector USB SD-Card TFT Display...
€109.00 *
QSBase4 QSBase4
QSBase4 Available with any QS module Optional shielding cabinet 2x 80 pin connectors Easy to lock with screws 33 mm square, 2mm board-to-board spacing 8 mm mounted overall height including shielding cabinet Linux is pre-installed and...
From €109.00 *
FIVEberry baseboard Featuring MSRZFive-A0A RISC-V CPU R9A07G043U11GBG 512MB DDR4 RAM No eMMC NAND Flash 128MBit SPI NOR -25°C...+85°C
€119.00 *
TX Evalkit TX Evalkit
TX Evalkit The TX6 Evaluation Kit combines the powerful and low-power ARM COMs with a simple baseboard that provides the most common interfaces for industrial products, including Dual Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Dual CAN, 8 UARTS, USB and an...
From €179.00 *
MCXLEVK featureset: Power Supply JTAG Header Service Header for I2C programming SPI EEPROM User Buttons Size: 110 mm x 123 mm
From €190.00 *
MSMP1EVK baseboard Featuring MSMP157-AAA STM32MP157AAA3 1GB LPDDR3 RAM 4GB eMMC NAND Flash 128MBit SPI NOR - 25°C...+85°C MSMP1EVK baseboard Featuring MSMP151-A0C STM32MP151AAA3 512MB LPDDR3 RAM no eMMC NAND Flash 512MBit SPI NOR...
From €314.00 *
M28-7BA1CI - 128MB DDR2 RAM - 256MB NAND Flash 2x Ethernet 10/100MBit 2x RS232 2x CAN USB-OTG TFT FPC-connector power supply download cable
From €330.00 *
MA5D4EVK baseboard: - 1x 10/100MBit Ethernet, - 2x RS232, - 2x CAN, - USB TFT/Touch (optional) Power Supply System on module: MA5D4-20A0A051E MA5D4-4BA0A051E SoC SAMA5D42 SAMA5D44 Cortex A5 528MHz 528MHz RAM 128MB DDR2 128MB DDR2 SPI NOR...
From €330.00 *
The M100PFEVPS supports a quick start-up of your SoC-FPGA project and can easily be used as a fast-prototype platform. Explore the new five core RISC-V architecture and integrate it into your product. Order Codes M100PFSEVP-250BAAB...
From €649.00 *
MCVEVP baseboard: - 2x Gigabit Ethernet, - 2x RS232, - 2x CAN, - USB, - HSMC connector, - 3x PMOD connector Power Supply TFT/Touch (optional) System on module: MCV-2DB MCV-X2DB MCV-6DB MCV-X6DB Altera SoC FPGA 5CSEBA2U23C8N...
From €695.00 *
M100PFEVP – PolarFire FPGA Evaluation Platform Evaluation and Reference Platform for the M100PF SoM The M100PFEVP supports a quick start-up of FPGA projects and can easily be used as a fast-prototype platform. M100PF offers the full...
From €695.00 *
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