Florida PLUS

Product information "Florida PLUS"

The Florida Plus carrier board is intended as a generic development board for the Miami MPSOC Plus System-on-Modules (SOM) for general purpose applications as well as for the evaluation of the performance of the Miami MPSOC Plus SOM.

  • 2x Samtec QTH-060-01-L-D-A board-to-board interconnect + 1x Samtec QTH-090-01-L-D-A
  • Dyplo supported plattform
  • 1x LAN (1000M/100M/10M)
  • WiFi via MIO with SDIO
  • 1x UART via USB or Virtual COM
  • PCI-express
  • 2x Sata-3
  • 2x CAN via PMOD
  • I2C via PMOD
  • SPI via PMOD
  • 2x USB-C
  • 1x SD-Card/ SDIO
  • 2x 100% LPC FMC
  • 2x PMOD
  • Audio via PMOD
  • Video via FMC or PMOD
  • 1x JTAG
  • single 12Vdc 5A supply
  • 0°C...+70°C

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Miami MPSoC Plus ZU9
The Miami MPSoC Plus System on Module (SoM) is an embedded computer board, integrating all key functionalities to deliver a complete computing system, running e.g. Linux or FreeRTOS. The modules are based on Xilinx System on Chip 16nm technology, using Zynq Ultrascale+ ZU6/ZU9/ZU15.The module combines a high performance and high-density programmable logic with dedicated hardener IP blocks, such as DSP cores, memory controllers and PCIe endpoints. 600KLE, 2520  DSP Blöcke, 32.1Mb RAM, 548K FlipFlops, 274K LUTs CLB2x6Gbit/s PS tranceivers, 16x12.5Gbit/s GTH tranceivers Processor System   ARM Cortex-A53 MPCore Quad-core CPU Architecture up to 1.2GHz CPU Perfomance ARM Cortex-R5 (dual core) Real Time Processor ARM Mali -400 MP2 Graphics Processor 2/4/8 GByte DDR4 with/without ECC 32/64/72bits 0/8/16/32/64 GB pseudo-SLC or MLC eMMC 64/128/256 MB Quad SPI 32 Kbit I2C EEPROM storage Processor-Peripherals UART CAN I2C SPI FPD link SDI TFT HDMI DisplayPort 2xUSB 3.0 incl on-board ULPI media Debug UART Concole PS JTAG Ethernet rich I/O Clock distribution single 9-16 Vdc supply size 95mmx68,5mm 2 x 120 pins + 1x180 pins Samtec mezzanine board-to-board interconnect  

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The FLORIDA-GEN can be used as a generic carrier for general purpose applications and is primarily intended as evaluation and prototyping platform for the Miami Zynq and Miami MPSOC System-on-Modules (SOM). 2x Samtec QTH-060-01-L-D-A board-to-board interconnect Dyplo supported plattform 1x LAN (1000M/100M/10M) WiFi via USB or PMOD 4x UART via USB including primary console 2x Sata-3 I2C via PMOD SPI via PMOD 1x USB 2.0 OTG 1x SD-Card/ SDIO 4x PMOD Audio via HDMI or USB HDMI 1.4 IO 1x JTAG 5x LES, 2X Input switches, 4x PMOD incl ADC GPIO single 12V or 15Vdc supply 0°C...+70°C

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